So 2 years ago, I made a transition from my previous band (The What Band) to Rare Essence…..This transition was major for GoGo because it added youth to the Legacy. I was blessed to be embraced by this organization as I continue my journey thru this GoGo thing. Special THANK YOU to the fans for welcoming me with open arms. To all of my supporters from Out of Town, GoGo is DC’s homegrown music. Its’ history and roots can be googled and there are plenty of videos for you to view to get an understanding of the in’s and outs of this very unique genre. I’m blessed to be part of it and I will continue to do my part to keep it alive. Rather it be solo singles, collaborations with other bands or etc. Wanna know more about Rare Essence? Go to my “Affiliates” section at the top of the homepage and I’m sure you will be very intrigued with what you come across…. #Fact



FYI – In the 2 Years I have been in the band I have been featured on 6 Singles, 3 Live PA’s,  and 2 Mixtape’s. Look for another Major Project Dropping this year from RE. If you would like to purchase some Rare Essence music, go to my “Affiliates” section on the homepage and click the Rare Essence link, its all there.

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